Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Above Everything Else

Mey wrote love letter for Her Man. She is spoilbrat then she got punishment. She did not get permission to call him, to meet him. So she just can open letter for him. I found this letter and I shared this to you too.

This night until now, I am thingking about our time. That is so cute moment, although is not the same again. It is not over, i know. But I should Ld. Long Distance from you. Hihihi

I am really sorry for everything, Sorry for troubling you, sorry for make Your heaven angry with you. Once again, i am sorry. I realize something, i can not understand if you are not telling me. I am not clever, I am not care except my world.

I am still here, no matter what happend. 
I am still alive, how big our fight. 
I am still woman above everything else

Just calm down.This exam for our best, right? 
Kiss A, for me, okay? :)


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