Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Everything Will Be Okay

It is rainny today. Like your smile. As I though you get hurt more and more dear. What should I do for make you laugh and forget every wounds. Oh dear, wipe your tears. Your beauty will be lost. Your future will sad looking you like that.

See, the sky cry for you too. Everytime you cry, the sky doing the same. Then smile please. Remember about your parent. They always loving you until now. And They always wish good for you. Remember your dream. Are you willing all of your friends get their dream? While you just sit and cry.

Regret everything what happend to you.
Blame everyone hurt you.

Ah dear, please stop crying. You are not alone.Don't stop believing with your future. Everything will be okay. Everything will be fine. In the End. If it is not okay, It is not the end of life. Allah with you.

Lets open eyes, and doing the best for your life. 

take from Yanuarty's picture in fb


  1. I must congratulate on your existing standard of English which is extremely good. Minor mistakes in grammar. That's okay

    1. thank you. i am still learning about english. ^^


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