Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm Home

Hei, long time i never write in this blog. And at the first time, i want using english. Hihi.

Two months ago i stayed in different city for something. So that, it was not amazing story since you got sick at there. I never got flu more than 2 days. But there until 2 weeks. So scary. >.<

I want to tell you a little story. A few friends has got married, they are younger than me. Wuaa. And they are men of all. Someone i know, his age same like my younger brother. My younger brother still in senior high school. But not about my friend. His has big body. But you should realise that he is so young. And he has worked. I though not all people get same oppurtunity with me. My father fight for his children's education. He hopes his children get high school so that have good future. 
Education is number 1.
For us.
But not for them, which just life for eat. Life need eat right? How about education. I understand what you fell,but you should know that everyone has first priority in their life. Not same with you.
I am thinking, is it wrong or true?
I don't know. Because if discus about true or wrong, not same with another people. I just hope my friend still study although not in formal education. He has dream too, you know.
Talk about that custom. I confess if i live in save home. My father never smoking, never using badmouth, never bully. When i was ou home. It suprise me of course. I saw a few young men drunk. Wuaaa... I saw him walked tottering. And one foot of him trapped in gutter. While he pull his foot then another foot of him got trap too. Hihi. And for this chance, i runaway.

I see, Drunk is very usual at there. Although they did that not in public. But still, how can they do that?? 
Someone told me, if people from his town never drunk so he is not part of that town. 
What? is he stupid or what? How could he proud of that? 

After that, i fell not comfert again. I wanna go home quickly. But i need right time.

At several time, they (drunk young men) are not bad person. They still have good attitude. i can talk many things with them while they are awake (not drunk i mean). Like normal person.

Finnaly, i still hope go home. It is not only about different custom but also about weather too. 
And Allah swt show the way...

Do you sad go home?
No, i say many thanks to Allah. May be i still not ready for walked out from comfort zone.


  1. abis dari mana toh neng... kok serem amat sekampung jadi pemabuk. ~.~

    aku nikahnya di sidoarjo, Vey. undangan ntr di facebook yee hehe

    1. dari suatu tempat yang dari luar tidak ada masalah, tetapi dibalik itu, aku tahu beberapa hal gelap. euuuh.

      wah di sidoarjo... errrr.. lumayan jauh.. >.<

  2. Huweeee... Mbaaak, aku samaaan. Tempat kerjaanku sekarang bikin sering aku ngelus dada tapi, seperti kata Mbak, malah jadi patut bersyukur yeesss... banget, Mbak. Aku merasa seperti itu. Makannya pendidikan itu memang pentig dan berjalan sepanjang hayat. ya, memangsih pendidikan nggak mesti sekolah formal tapi setidaknya kalau sekolah formal kan ada arahan kejelasannya. Meski memang sekolah tinggi nggak menjamin sukses (y)

    1. iya miu, pendidikan akhlak terutama. bukan cuma menghapal tetapi memahami hakikat ilmunya. :3

      dan itu jadi pr kita :D


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